The Newfoundlanders

During the First World war Newfoundland was the “Dominion of Newfoundland”, it did not become part of Canada until 1949.

This tiny country raised it’s own Regiment – the 1st Newfoundland Regiment. It served as a battalion of the British Army.

Newfoundlanders also served with the 60th Battalion. This nominal roll is the roll of men who served in the 60th Battalion and listed Newfoundland as their country of birth on their attestation papers.

     23 men attested to the 60th Battalion

Others attested to other battalions but served at some point with the 60th

     3 to the 40th Battalion in Halifax

     2 to the 55th Battalion in New Brunswick

     2 to the 69th Battalion in Montreal

     3 to the 75th Battalion in Toronto

     1 to the 124th Battalion in Toronto

3 Men were awarded the Military Medal for bravery.

6 Men were Killed in Action or Died from disease while serving

Name					Number		Town
Adams, John MM 				457027 		Placentia Bay 
Angel, Henry 				457951 		Petit Harbour 
Bradbury, John Joseph* 			415882 		St. Johns 
Brewer, Obadiah 			457458 		Hill view 
Butler, Nathan 				414983 		Cupids 
Courage, Archibald* 			457383 		Harbour Grace
Craine, Thomas Patrick* 		457542 
Edmond, Peter MM 			121475 		Brigus 
Elson, Mark 				458047 		St. Johns 
English, John 				457427 		Jobs Cove 
Ford, James 				458464 		St. Johns
Frampton, George 			458598 		St. Johns 
Gear, William Frederick			457074 		St. Johns 
George, Robert Charles			444834 		New Harbour 
Hally, Edward 				457795 		Topsail 
Hibbs, Sidney Harold 			769254 		Tiltcove 
Jackson, William Henry 			458650 		St. Johns 
King, Eli 				139129 		Bauline 
Laite, Harry Whitfield 			457852 		St. Johns 
Leigh, William 				457387 		St. Johns 
Madden, John 				457865 		St. Johns 
Maney, James aka Manney, James 		457111 		Avondale 
Morey, Richard 				458301 		St. Johns 
Mugford, Melborne 			138770 		Port Blandford 
O'Connell, Daniel 			458248 
Pottle, George William 			445475 
Putt, Thomas 				415391 		Goulds 
Roach, Robert 				120415 
Roberts, Anthony 			457859 		Brigus 
Roberts, Ernest 			139255 		Twillingate 
Sheppard, Martin ** aka Martin,William 	458135 		Harbour Grace
Slattery, Michael MM * 			458270 		Harbour Grace
Summers, Leonard 			457574 		Carbonear 
Thomey, James ** 			457402 		Harbour Grace

*Killed in Action
**Died of Disease