D Company


D Company Soccer team

60th Battalion D Company Football Team.

This team was leading the YMCA league at the time the picture was taken.

Back Row:
Sgt. John Charles Denovan 457114[1], Cpl. George Thompson 457174 (Team Vice-President), Pte Charles John Rogers, 457782, Lt Colin Clyde Drew[2] (Team President), Pte Henry Tayor 458315, Pte Buick[3], Pte Robert Gordon Wilson 457444 (committee member)

3rd Row:
Pte David Beaton 457761, Pte John McIntosh 457203, Pte William Smith 458433, Pte Andrew Bailie 457392[4], Pte James G. Doyle 458583[5], Pte John Grant 457613 (committee member), Pte Robert Ingram 458518.

2nd Row:
Lt. E. Burke[6], Lt Robert Ross MacDonald (Honorary Vice-President), Pte James Harwood 457758, Capt. Edward John Vessey (Honourary President)[7], Colonel John Hughes (Valcartier camp Commander)[8], T.J. Cooke[9], Lt. Walter Miller (Honourary Vice-President)[10], Pte. Stephen George Ley 45838 (Team Trainer)

Front Row:
Pte. James Paton 457762[11], Pte. Charles Fleming 458109, CQMS Walter Ernest Powell 457101.

Rogers, Buicks, Taylor, Bailie, Harwood and Fleming were part of the 60th Battalion team that won the Camp Championship at Valcartier.

Photo: CWM 19930003-781. George Metcalfe Archival Collection ©Canadian War Museum.

Names are taken from an article on page 8, in the sports section, of Montreal Daily Mail, October 5, 1915.

[1] Killed in Action May 31, 1918 while serving with the 87th Battalion

[2] Transferred to the 87th Battalion just after this picture was taken

[3] There was no one named Buick in the 60th Battalion. This may have been Alfred Binckes 457128, Harry Binckes 457555 or Walter Melville Bullock 458355 who was a prominent soccer player at the time. He is wearing a different colour jersey, which may indicate he was the goal keeper.

[4] Awarded the Distinguish Conduct Medal in May 1918

[5] Was also Known as James Galvin He died of Sickness December 3, 1915 in England

[6]  There as no Lt. Burke with the 60th Battalion. This may be Lt Edward Arbuckle Burke who was with the Military District Headquarters and may have been in the picture as a representative of the Military District. Lt. Burke was awarded the Order of the British Empire and was mentioned in Despatches three times.

[7] Killed in Action June 4, 1916

[8] The brother of Colonel Sam Hughes, Canada’s Minister of Militia

[9] Probably Leonard J. Cooke 457776

[10] Was awarded the Order of the British Empire in March 1919 and the American Distinguished Service Medal in July 1919

[11] Killed in Action September 20, 1916




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